In the city terrain, one gets to experience both levels of towns - the advanced tech-heavy city life as well as as a whole new futuristic world.
Most of the administrative activities and major trading activities will be conducted.
  • Town center comprising of two levels of living experiences
  • High end tech city life with advanced futuristic features
  • Arena
  • Practice Room
  • Guild / Knighthood / Clan base
  • Warehouse
  • Blacksmith and Mailmen
  • Portals
  • In-game guide
  • Trading Points / Merchants(for online purchase)
  • Fountain for healing purpose
  • Residential purpose areas for characters
  • Buildings like Hotels, Motels, Garages, Police stations, Fire Station, Hospitals etc
  • Recreation area by GM
  • Centrally located terrain covered by other 5 terrains
  • Permission to build high rises and may be skyscraper