In each terrain, the player will be given a task or challenge to complete, upon which they’ll earn their companion. What form the companions take is for the player to find out. Each one will represent a different earthly element and have passive abilities based on that element.
The six companions include:
  • Earth - Earth companion is best fitted in the Jungle terrain! The dungeon environment suits best for the companion as it inhabits the essence of the planet.
  • Water - The beach is perfect housing for the water companion. The terrain is most part water and accommodates activities related to it and this is primarily where the water companion lives.
  • Mecha - The Mecha companion is the prime companion in Metaland. It comes with the futuristic timeline that has taken over the city.
  • Space - Space companion has magical powers, it assists the terrain for the resource mining activities
  • Air - The air companion is perfect for the desert's windy atmosphere. It is a stunning creature of the wind and air with wings to give you powers to fly high
  • Fire - The fire companion can be spotted among the mountains. Find your companion while you explore the lava and ice mountains in this terrain.