• Phase II of CoM shall focus on education as a metaverse utility.
  • Starting from primary levels of education, even higher education can be provided at ease in the Metaverse.
  • The centuries old method “Read and explain” can be modified and it can be converted into “watch and experience” using the CoM platform.
  • All subjects can be explained in visuals via 3D models and animation techniques.
  • This immersive experience in the education system is bound to open many doors of opportunities for not just the professionals in the ed sector, but also people who wish to specialize and exclusively work in metaverse to improve inclusivity and bring the system onto the virtual world in every way possible. And at the same time, wish to provide and specialize in facilities that would otherwise not be possible in the real life.
  • Certified courses shall be provided in the virtual university and other universities that CoM will collaborate with for virtual education.
  • The platform is already focusing on tie-ups with such universities who shall provide some of their classes or customized courses in the metaverse.