Citizen of Metaland is based on a Modern MMORPG game model with a storyline rooted in Ancient India to give a unique experience to every gamer.
Keeping that in mind the gaming component has been developed There'll be a class system for users and their chosen roles along with a very unique immersive storyline filled with thrills and adventures. The storyline will be focused on the origin of the next generational metaworld and its mythological history. In this gaming part, users can experience architecture, environments, civilization, weapons, lifestyle, and many other facets, and this shall be just one storyline of many. There will be different stories and their variants in this gaming segment.
As soon as one enters the game the first step is forming their avatar to play the game with.
Body structure
Customization of avatar can be done by following two methods:
  • Upload their pictures and get their body shaped as a human
  • Shape their avatar part by part in the game
The in-game clothing can be treated as NFTs, and exchangeable with our tokens.
The game journey continues as you move on exploring terrains and collecting companions. You advance levels and reach closer to the goal of saving the planet from doom's day.
You're thrust into a world of fantastical adventure, creatures, and quests as you move along the Citizen of Metaland.