Citizen of Metaland starts by introducing you to the planet, the impending doom's day and how you must go on a quest to undo the worst and save your planet. You are put through six unique terrains that make up the planet on our game map, each with some exciting new features. In Phase 1, the companion gets to explore these dangerous terrains and collect their six companions. Every terrain has its unique qualities and challenges to make your upcoming game more and more interesting. One has to explore these challenges to get started on the game.
The six terrains include:
  • City - City is a terrain used by citizens administrative works of land. Like any other terrain, here also, citizens can use the lands of town to build assets like houses, bars, restaurants, and hotels that you can rent, sell, or buy to do business and trading.
  • Mountain - The mountain landscape contains hilly and valley areas. Citizens can participate in the racing events held in the mountain terrain and make the most of the terrain!
  • Jungle - This Terrain consists of deep and shallow jungle areas, which will be operated to do dungeon quests and RPG games. Jungles are used to make puzzling paths that players can engage with while solving the quests.
  • Desert - As in real life, deserts are the primary source of oil and mineral resources. Based on this we give you deserts that don't just offer you exploration but also resource collection opportunities!
  • Beach - As in the real world, beaches are used for fun. Beaches are ideal to hold concerts, parties, and events by the creators and citizens of the virtual lands.
  • Island - Island terrain consists of mining resources like minerals and metals. These resources can be mined using the map of the land by the citizens.