• Phase 1 shall really focus and work on the real estate sector in the metaverse.
  • Owing to the advancing technology, real estate applications will be made much easier through simply creating or recording a video with LIDAR sensor cameras and importing those experiences into the metaverse seamlessly.
  • The model can be used to demonstrate various properties, design structure, demonstrations, interior design and many more utilities at ease in phase 1.
  • Users also can rent, sell and purchase such properties in the Metaverse & virtually as can do in real life.
  • With the utilities, real life problems like showing around the house for renting, selling any property to the client, various combinations for the interior designing, etc. can be solved or rather transformed in the metaverse.
  • There is also no need to construct sample flats in real life or shop for the clients as all of this can be done virtually. as preliminary steps, of course one can't avoid all physical check-ins but real estate shopping from a distance can at-least become easier with the help of metaverse.
  • To make the most of real life utilities, team is planning active collaborations with the local and other real estate professionals/firms.