Token in blockchain represents a special virtual asset, which denotes the fungible unit of the entire value creation space of the given project. Therefore, it can represent as IPO (Initial public offering) of any new company or ICO (Initial coin offering of a cryptocurrency coin). It is deployed over any existing blockchain to serve value transfer functionality, and has a dedicated tokenomics model to be followed.
Our token is designated as Citizen of Metaland token (CoM token), which is to be distributed as per the following scheme.
How do we supply tokens?
One can acquire tokens via land sales, NFT transactions, royalty income, subscriptions, and other services we offer.
How can you spend tokens?
Users can spend tokens via land purchases, virtual event spends, metaverse purchases/ shopping expenses, premium gaming/ virtual experience accessories & add-ons, body suites, terrain-related spends, and staking pool.
NameCitizen of Metaland
Total Token Supply7,770,000,000
Circulation SupplyN/A
BlockchainPolygon Chain
Smart ContractTBA
Purchase MethodUSDT / BUSD / USDC
Token TypeERC20
Investment & Roi
Token Calculation
We have shared all the relevant information regarding our project. Based on the investment value and predicted price after 12 months, we invite you to forecast our project's valuation at that time.
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Now, What price you are predicting for our token after period of 12 Months.
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