• Citizens can acquire the token from various sources, including crypto marketplaces such as DEX or CEX, services provided within the ecosystem, the community reward program, or by minting their SFT and linking it to an NFT to sell on the marketplace.
  • The token's utility begins with its use from the company treasury to be distributed to various destinations, including the crypto marketplace, community reward pool, and the ecosystem's marketplace.
  • The community reward pool is funded with the token, and the rewards ultimately go back to the Citizens who participate in specific activities within the ecosystem.
  • Citizens can use the token to access various services provided within the ecosystem, and they can also offer their own services using the token.
  • The SFT generates utility for the token by directly selling it to the ecosystem's marketplace or by using it to create or upgrade certain NFTs.
  • The token's utility within the ecosystem's marketplace is diverse and includes interactions with SFTs, NFTs, Citizens, and the company treasury.
  • The NFTs' utility is derived from the ecosystem's marketplace and the company treasury's involvement.
  • The token's utility in SFTs is earned by the mining of resources within the ecosystem by the Citizens.